Our professionally trained technicians can keep your car looking new while helping to protect it from the environment. Protect the investment you have in your car with a professional detail today.  At Gobel’s Collision Repair, Inc., we understand the true value of detailing your car. It’s about more than just keeping your car looking good.

Paint Health
Your paint protects the metal underneath and when you clean and polish it properly you extend the life of your paint job. If the paint wears out so that you have rust and corrosion it can really do a number on your car. A reasonably priced detailing package is a great way to prevent this from happening.
Road Salt
Everybody knows that road salt can damage a car’s body. During the winter when the roads are bad, salt and mud can build up in your wheel wells and get under the chassis. If that isn’t taken care of, it can eat through your paint and cause expensive and difficult to repair damage to the chassis. All of this is easily avoided with a good detail.
Improved Lighting and Safety
Part of proper detailing is to make sure your headlights and taillights are clean and free of damage. Dirt and grime on your headlights can reduce visibility, which in these areas with the winding roads and wild animals that are out, you want the best lighting and visibility you can get.Interior Condition
By regularly cleaning your interior, you get rid of bad odors, protect surfaces from fading and help prevent cracking and discoloration of the dash panels. Not only does this greatly improve resale price, it also adds a great deal of comfort for the driver.Wheels and Tires
Oils, solvents, brake dust and other chemicals get picked up during normal driving and can have a harmful effect on your wheels and tires. When you have them properly detailed you keep them looking good and you reduce the risks of cracking in the sidewalls or failure of the wheels due to corrosion. It’s simple, having your car properly detailed helps keep it looking great inside and out. This improves value and safety as well as personal comfort and pride in your car.

Additional Services

We know that the greatest difficulty in getting your vehicle repaired is doing without your primary means of transportation. We’ve solved this problem with Rental Cars available through Enterprise.
After an accident, it is often difficult to get your vehicle to a repair shop. We offer free, local pick-up and delivery of your vehicle because we understand your damaged vehicle is often times, your only source of transportation.
Unfortunately, no matter how careful we drive, sometimes accidents happen. If your car is not drivable, don’t worry, we will take care of it! Just let us know the location and information about your car, and we will set up the towing for you. Never drive anything that you feel is unsafe to drive. Give us a call!

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